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Choosing your apartment

Choosing your apartment

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A selection of top-quality materials, aesthetic criteria, energy efficiency and green building are the basics on which the George Town Apartments are made. The complex represents apartments of all structures, from one-bedroom to several-rooms. A special exclusivity makes several penthouses and flats on the ground floor with its gardens. Modern organized duplex on the last floors provides a special comfort with a superb view of the river and the city panorama. Green areas around the complex cover a large area. The complex is equipped with the own parking lot which provides enough space for parking vehicles. Modern design, high-quality materials, andcity-apartment-design-salon-town-style finish lines, make George Town Apartment Complex an ideal place for urban and a comfortable life. Large glass surfaces, greened facades, panoramic elevators, and closed park are just a few of the benefits of this settlement. To reduce the impact on the environment and efficiently use of the resources of nature, the authors of the project paid considerable attention to energy saving and George Town Apartment Complex contains some innovative environmental solutions. With the latest environmental standards and the use of alternative / renewable energy, the complex comprises some advantages. The residential part of the complex is designed to provide future tenants primarily privacy and comfort, but at the same time maintain a warm atmosphere and prestige that characterizes the pedestrian zone of the city center. Visit our website and get personally convinced of its exclusivity.

Free Advice – Location for living

The location is almost always mentioned by the experts as the foundation of the search for an apartment of your dreams. Although choosing the right location is one of the most difficult steps towards a perfect home, you do not need to be discouraged because it is an indicator that you are buying with the correct access, watching the purchase as a life investment.


Before searching for the final location of your apartment, you should adhere to several important regulations:

–    Consider buying an apartment as an investment for life

–    Do not limit yourself to the current needs

–    Turn all your family members in the process of decision because the decision would directly affect all of them

–    Visit the site and get in touch with location

It is also important to adhere to the basic guidelines that must comply with good location. It’s not enough for an apartment that it is luxurious, that luxury has to be followed by location too. It is desirable that the facility in which you plan to live has the highest quality construction standards and the highest quality materials. Good location, objectively, includes:

–    Transport links to crucial parts of the town

–    Good infrastructure organization of settlements

–    Security, privacy and comfort of your living space

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